Let’s talk about work.

Working is the main thing that causes. This may or may not be obvious. Commonly, once we come to a point of overwhelming stress, it comes to a stop. Something that helps is that you can meditate on one goal and ignore anything else. If you falter due to any outside force, you need to figure out a way to change that. If you can’t, hold on through it and push forward. Pray that you can leave that situation and start working on a solution for the future.

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As of now, I have some roadblocks that I have to work on. The main one being University. My career goal is to create something by myself entirely through self-learning. So, University is a giant waste of my time and an antithesis to my goals. I also hate the classroom environment. The idea of putting a social element to learning makes no sense to me. I inadvertently promised my dad to get a bachelor’s degree. For context, one of the virtues that I am working on is keeping my word. I’m bad with petty promises so don’t hold me to it until I master it haha. When it’s something like this, I have to keep it. There are options in regards to a traditional classroom environment. This is where WGU comes in.

I was accepted into WGU, not really a big deal considering they have an almost 100% acceptance rate. I feel like an advertisement for doing this but the way that they structure classes are based on “competency;” I love the idea. There are no GPAs or professors. What I put in is what I get out of it. My working habits, however, are not to my expectations.

Therefore, I’ve been adamant on changing my habits. Here are some of the things that I have changed this year and the effects of those changes.


I’ve started going to the gym regularly. I could barely push the bar at one point and now I’m hitting 50-pound dumbbell bench presses. I used to walk most of the mile at school, 15 minutes if I recall correctly. I’m now at sub 8 minutes. Not too impressive in my almost 4 months of training. I’m happy with that. No matter what anyone thinks of me.

CompTIA A+/Perseverance:

I moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana this year and came back to Virginia soon after. While I was there, there were two or three weeks that were an absolute pleasure to go through. I was adamant on achieving my CompTIA A+ because I thought it would push me to a $12 – $15/hr compensation range. It didn’t. Though, when I was studying for it I worked on it completely by myself. With no one pressuring me to do it. Just myself and time constraints from working 8 hours a day. I slept for 3-5 hours a night and pushed super hard to study. I faltered until I came back to Virginia and finished the last three chapters of the textbook. I passed.

IT Job/Website/Blog/Persistence:

More than anything, this is the most valuable thing that I have learned. I created my website/blog/email by myself through previous expirience and through a lot of persistence. I got a cellphone repair job that’s bound to get me into an entry-level IT job when I finish my degree. I hope. It’s tied to everything that I have done this year. If you fail, forgive yourself and don’t expect too much too early.

This all can be summed up into “work hard, never give up.” No matter the goal you need to work on it consistently.

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