Let’s talk about how I learned to study.

Totally aware that this is a late post haha.

I’m going to relate to how I passed the compTIA A+. This can apply to any memorization-based content.

I annotate every paragraph into my own words using the Cornell method just to feel more organized. I didn’t actually reread my notes even though I planned to. The only reason that I passed was partially luck, PERSONAL experience, and annotating the textbook.

I capitalize personal because the most effective way to learn is by doing it yourself. Teachers don’t have time for the “why,” only memorizing the “what” matters to them. Another is that surface-level understanding is supported. Deeper understanding is struck down. COMPLETELY NOT THEIR FAULT. Teachers are great when you’re humble, a bit selfish, and a bit shameless enough to ask questions consistently. I could go on for longer but this is something for another time.

As for logic intensive work, I’m working on it. I’ll edit this when I get a full drill that I can post. So far, breaking down the problem step by step helps with programming problems that are hard to wrap my head around. Declare the variable and it’s value in your handwritten paper heap. Be one with the compiler haha.

Let me finish this C# book and then I’ll start up some good old math. I’m pretty spotty in math and barely passed before. I’m confident that I’ll be pretty good at it soon. Just need to ditch the desktop and fill in the prerequisite holes.

Might just go for an old MacBook so I don’t procrastinate. Since it’s incompatible with a lot of stuff and I will need it to post App Store applications later on. Thank god .net is cross-platform. Pretty sure there will be some issues though.

See you later!


EDIT: Not going to be able to finish by the end of the month. This thing is taking up waaaay too much of my time. Didn’t anticipate this at all. I’ll try my best to keep my word but don’t count on it 🙁

EDIT 2: Oof, messed up. New year’s resolution? I’ll wait till I can get a camera and some time. Planning on starting a self-improvement channel.

EDIT 3: Open ended now haha. I’m getting the IT Degree to please my parents and get a better entry-level job. I’d rather just start creating but it’s ok.

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