Eliminating Distractions.

I’m about to switch to a dumbphone in 2019. The hard part of doing that is that every flip-phone on verizon (4G band) has a browser or something like it. After some research I have found a solution on reddit based on this link. The LG Exalt is a flip-phone that runs on what seems like a dumbed down version of android according to LinuxMadtom.

That’s my general plan of action right now in order to maximize productivity. I currently plan on getting the IT degree from WGU as quickly as possible by emulating what I did with my CompTIA A+. Any internet access needed through this will be done through my laptop within the library. At home, I plan on keeping my WiFi adaptor within my car so that it’s out of reach.

I’ve thought about the convenience that a smartphone gives me already. The main benefit of a smartphone vs a dumb-phone are twofold in my opinion. A convenient GPS, and an alarm that has the option of being persistent after you turn it off. I’m not sure if the flip-phone either of those. According to this user guide, on page 51, the word alarm is plural. So that’s a good sign. The GPS function is not clear on whether or not there’s a specific application or extra charge for that app. I’d rather just have a dedicated GPS if that’s the case.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

Regardless, over the next six or so months there might not be any updated on this blog. This, again, is due to me studying as much as possible to get a bachelors out of the way. Otherwise, I would still try to stay committed to what is stated above.

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